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BT5020 Hydroxyl Acrylic Resin


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Can be compatible with both CAB and NC, has good aluminum powder distribution, flexibility and outstanding pigment dispersion.


【Intended Use】

Used in the composition of 1K car and motorcycle primer, PU paint, suitable for crushing.


【Physical and Chemical Properties】

Appearance Transparent (GB/T 1721)
Value ≤1#(Fe-Co) (GB/T 1722)
Viscosity (a) 1500~2500 cps/ 25℃ (GB/T 7193.1)
Solids content 52±2% (GB/T 1725)
Acidity 3~5 mgKOH/g (GB/T 6743)
OH value (100%) 65 (ASTM D4274)
OH% (100%) 2.0%  
Solvent XYL/BAC  


【Dilution in Solvents】

The product can be diluted in solvents such as Aromatic Hydrocarbon, Ester, Ketone, Ether Ester etc. and sparingly soluble in Aliphatic Hydrocarbon.


【Reference Formula】

1K Silver Metallic Paint   Solvent
BT5020 resin 60   XYL 25
20% CAB381-2 10   TOL 20
BAC 8   BAC 15
Aluminum powder 8   EAC 15
BYK310 flattening agent 0.2   NPA 10
IPA 3.8   CAC 15
XYL 5     100
BCS 5      


*Note: The above information is obtained through experiments and is for reference only, without any guarantee. Due to the functional limitations of the resin and diverse user requirements, if you use our products, please strictly test the adaptability of the resin and the stability of the final product according to your own requirements before use.

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